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What's b-tabi?

びー旅スタイルジャパンb-tabi style Japan

The ultimate Japanese budget style

英語案内What's b-tabi?

Cheap travel information for individual tourists

"tabi" means "journey" in Japanese.

So, b-tabi refers to the low-cost travel that reflect cheap local prices. If you dare English translation "Budget style Journey".

However, As you know, Japan's prices are not much cheaper. How to realize a cheap travel doing if it? It has that loophole actually. It is b-tabi style to pursue it.


羽田・中部国際7,500円~ エアトリ国内航空券格安検索

◎Not only in Japan, but around the world. b-tabi style

Jordan Petra. Food, lodging, moving expenses, English fee is high, Arabic fee is cheap. Most Japanese would love this kind of heritages. But they do not know this is the famous heritage that comes out in the Bible.

What's b-tabi style?

The b-tabi style, is a travel style to travel the inconvenient countries of the farthest, just like as going to the nearest neighborhood park. It is only one thing necessary for that, "local language". It a matter of course, but English-speaking countries on the earth is narrow smaller than we think.

This website will publish the cheap traveler prices that reflects the actual local prices. In the case of non-English speaking countries (Particularly in developing countries), travelers prices is "local language Price <English Price <Japanese Price". Whether the local rip-off man fool the traveler, it is the branch point two. 1, Whether your luggage is small. 2, Whether you are speaking the local language.

But in the case of Japan, even if you do not speak Japanese, please be assured that you are not ripped off. But the original price is high ... As you know...

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